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The paper birch boasts the largest and along with the Kenai birch the most northerly range of North American birches.

Full-grown trees range between 30 and 70 feet tall and tend to grow straight with round or pyramidal crowns. Paper birches often grow as a clump of three or more main trunks.

Mature trees have a white, papery bark that peels away to reveal an attractive underside for both summer and winter landscapes. Ann Parks has been a freelance writer for 15 years and has been published in the "Houston Chronicle," the "Houston Business Journal," and a national book review magazine.

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In 12 years as a technical writer she was recognized as a distinguished contributor by the National Society for Technical Communications.

Facts on Aspen Trees. What Kind of Tree Has Cones?

Paper birch is planted to reclaim old mines and femaale disturbed sites, often bare-root or small saplings are planted when this is the goal. When used in landscape Blk female looking for with Birch Tree male, it should not be planted near black walnut as Bircy chemical jugloneexuded from the roots of black walnut, is very toxic to paper birch. It is frequently planted as an ornamental due to its graceful form and attractive bark.

The bark changes to the white color at about 3 years of growth.

Betula nigraor river birch, is recommended for warm-climate areas warmer than zone 6 where paper birch is rarely successful. Birch skeletonizer is a small larva which feeds on the leaves and causes browning. Birch leafminer is a common pest which feeds witu inside of the leaf and causes the leaf to turn brown, the first generation appears in May but there will be several generations per year.

Severe infestations may Wives seeking nsa Kopperston the tree and make it more vulnerable to the bronze birch Blk female looking for with Birch Tree male. When stressed, bronze birch borers may kill a tree.

Other names include black birch and cherry birch. NATIVE The flowers are monoecious, male (staminate) and female (pistillate) flowers on the same tree. It is a slender tree distinguished by attractive, papery bark. Flowers: Tiny, no petals, borne on male and female catkins; male catkins pendulous and develop River or black birch, B. nigra, in the South and as far north as Massachusetts. Leaves are flecked with black glandular dots on the underside and pale green Male (pollen) and female (seed) catkins, found on the same tree, flower before.

The insect bores into the sapwood, beginning at the top of the tree and causing death of the tree crown. Healthy trees are resistant to the borer but when grown in subideal conditions the defense mechanisms of the tree may not function properly.

It is the provincial tree of Saskatchewan and the state tree of Bjrch Hampshire.

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People sometimes vandalize the bark of this tree by carving into it with a knife or by peeling off layers of the bark. Both forms of vandalism can cause unsightly scars on the tree. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see White birch disambiguation.

Birch | tree |

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Retrieved — via The Plant List. New York and Oxford — via eFloras. Retrieved 11 December Retrieved 5 July — via https: The flowers of gor black birch are elongated strands that hang down from the branches in small clusters.

The seeds in these female cones mature in the Fall and drop to the ground in the Winter. The fruit of the Black Birch consists of scaly brown cones that grow to be The Black Birch prefers rich, mountain woods. Its ideal environment includes well-drained, slightly acidic, and moist soil and North or East facing slopes.

That said, it will still grow on rockier and drier areas. Its native range spans from Southern Maine to Northern Georgia.

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The tree fro best in South Appalachians. They are usually bright green, turning yellow in autumn. The drooping male catkins flower before the leaves emerge; smaller, upright female catkins on the same tree develop in conelike clusters, which disintegrate at maturity, releasing tiny, one-seeded, winged nutlets.

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Gray birch, paper birchriver birchsweet birchyellow birchand white birch are the best known; white birch is usually called silver birch in England, but the latter name is also sometimes given to paper birch and to yellow birch.

The Japanese monarch Blk female looking for with Birch Tree male B. Usually 30 metres feet high, with flaking gray or orange-gray bark, it has heart-shaped leaves about 15 centimetres 6 inches long and is a hardy ornamental.

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The similar Japanese cherry birch B. It is sometimes called red birch, black birch, or mountain birch.

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Both species pooking almost circular leaves, are food sources for birds and grazing animals, and may be planted as ornamentals. Several Chinese birches and the Japanese white birch B. A few natural hybrids between trees and shrubs of the genus Betula are cultivated as ornamentals in Europe and North America.

Pale- to red-brown birchwood is used for flooring, furniture, cabinetry, interior finishing, vehicle parts, plywood, pulp, and turnery. The thin, water-impervious bark provided roofing, canoes, and shoes for North American Indians and early settlers.

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Birch oil and birch beer made from sap are obtained from the trees. Woodsmen rely on the ability of yellow and paper birch bark to burn even when wet. Birches were among the first trees to become established after the glaciers receded. Hardy, quick growing, and relatively immune to disease and insect attack, they are valuable in reforestation, erosion control, and as protective cover, or nurse trees, for development of more permanent fod.