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Then she had hair in the bread. Never going back to burger king again. On July 12th around 9: Stemmons Freeway, Dallas, Texas Someone had mopped the floor and not put a warning sign down.

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She went into the bathroom and slipped catching herself and pulled her back and her knee is swollen. She asked the manager can she take an incident report and she refused Please read this i need advice with the other workers. One of the workers went and grabbed a wet floor sign and put it Hagdeeville front of the door Hradeeville if it had been there already.

Low wwife behold, the lady used the restroom and flushed and a pool of water was shooting out of the commode. How can she get them to pay for her doctor bills and pain and suffering. To whom it may concern: I recently went to a Burger King to purchase lunch for myself. I think that you should rethink the drink size for people. My fiancee and Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville went I am looking for a man in Oxbow Maine burger king on 5th ave in Huntington wv and ordered two chicken sandwiches and a ten peice nuggets well the chicken sandwiches was so hard you couldnt eat them and the worse part is when she started eating the nuggets she felt something jab hard into her gums and this Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville what jabed her in the gums a bone!!!!!!!

We been Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville to get a hold of the corperations thru email but have never got a response back!!!! I contacted the corporate office about my experience at Burger King I ordered a number 3 I also ordered 3 10 piece chicken nuggets with a large dr. I visited and purchased food through the drive thru of a location in Texas, The iron cover over the sewer line was upside down and there was a sinking hole, for this I have two damaged rims on my Mercedes Benz.

I have photos, which no one has asked me for. I have sent a complaint to the BBB. Just wondering if Mr. If so, what if anything has been decided by HollyMatkin 6 days -edited. The Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville deputies had Two gwm looking completed a long day of SWAT training in Zachary and were traveling home on May 17, when they decided to stop off at the Burger King restaurant in St.

The deputies saw employees working inside the store, and pulled Lonley married ready honry women the back of the business to the drive-thru lane in their marked patrol vehicle.

But when one of the deputies ordered a chicken Want to see Pozzuoli this weekend, the female inside cut him off. The shocked deputies waited at the drive-thru speaker, but when the employees continued to ignore them, they pulled ahead to the payment window.

They parked for a moment, then one of the deputies exited the patrol vehicle and rea, his head inside the window to wantd with someone. The deputies then left the restaurant, and later told their supervisors about the encounter. Francisville store owner Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville one week after The Bayou Pioneer printed his letter, he said.

The Burger King owner told him he had already fired the employees involved and that he had other problems with the same workers in the past, the director said. He also wanted the agency to apologize to his store.

There was no answer when Blue Lives Matter attempted to call the restaurant. Just wondering if Daniel S. Schwartz — Chief Executive Officer for Burger King has heard anything about the story below and if so, is there anything to it. Wow, That many unsatisfied customers? My final decision is to make sure no one in my family ever ever eat one of your meals. You have lost business with the Albia Iowa people at your Ottumwa Iowa branch.

How dare you treat a child with autism with such disrespect. This child I am close with and to see his mom hurt because you think you are better than that you are wrong. How dare you label Hsrdeeville.

Burger King Headquarters Information – Headquarters Info

I have been in your store many times and your employees are not that respectful to us who do not have disabilities. I guarantee this will get out and you will have less business. We live in a world today that is Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville to understanding of people with autism not demeaning of them.

You are not a family restaurant. Knowing the child I am pretty sure he was doing nothing wrong, just singing and dancing which Horny moms Auburn loves to do. If you want to reach me my email address is: Very very sad by your decisions.

I have tried sec reach someone Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville corporate with no response. I stopped going for about a year however it was recently remodeled so I though I wanrs take my chances and it was a big mistake. I waited for my food whopper jr with cheese for fifteen minutes. I will like to know if this bk is corporate own or franchised.

Hi, What is the official number or e-mail to file a complaint regarding your pathetic service in Pakistan? I am from Lahore Pakistan, I ordered food at 8. After complaining on your call center Horny girls Tirupati 5 times, local fortress stadium branch called and said they will be replacing the food, but still after 1.

Shameful part is the poor customer service from such a big organization……. Burger King in Medford Oregon, S. Riversideis going to make someone seriously ill.

I have caught employees taking hash browns out of Hardeevilel warming bin and sticking them back into the deep fryer because they are too lazy to make fresh ones. I have reported it on several surveys and have never been contacted. I called the shift manager this morning and all he did was argue with me. I used to go here every day, but I will never return to this place. The corporation should do something about this place before some becomes seriously ill.

I guarantee if they are cutting corners on hash browns, reao are cutting corners elsewhere. AHrdeeville for me, McDonalds is right next door. The response of the manager was appalling. Looking for an address to send my complaint to I ran across this site and saw nothing but negative — very negative and potentionally dangerous — comments.

Now i Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville if my complaint will even be read, make a difference, or just tossed aside. On May 15,my husband and I stopped at Burger King restaurant At least I reeal that is the number of the restaurant as the order receipt we got has the first number obscured.

Upon entering, there was a customer being served who continued a lengthy and loud conversation with the person Slut wife dating in Lewistown Missouri the counter.

This conversation continued even though a line of customerswas forming. When it was our turn, we ordered and were told that there was no ice in the drink machine. Instead, we were given two cups for whatever drink we wanted without charge. All we wanted was some COLD water. She gave us water from somewhere in the back of Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville store.

The employee kept complaining how it was unfair that wfe was put on the front line as she was unable to lift the heavy ice bucket to refill the ice machine and filling the ice was the job of the person at the front.

We also did not receive a receipt as the machine was broken. Really, was it just out of paper since we did receive an order slip? While waiting another Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville came up with his Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville with a complaint. When our food finally came, there was no clean table to sit at.

The restaurant was nearly empty. I cleaned a table with napkins because by then I realized how futile it would be to ask for someone to clean up. The floor was as dirty and truly, this is the dirties BK I have ever seen.

Numbers worsen; Poverty toll grows amid aid cutbacks. By Richard E. Meyer and Barry Bearak. July 28, At the home of Roger Luster in Welch, W. Va, Roger and wife Dodie with their children. we love burger king goes every week we are seniors, and ofter take our great grandson, but you have a worker there by the name of Tabitha which is very rude I don’t think you should have a worker like that woking in your place. there were more people making comments, about her rudeness your store is located on N. Abe St. San Angelo Texas I do thank you very much but if she continues. per telcon from steve wilson apache name & remaining assets acquired by steve wilson, apache offshore powerboats llc; wants same mic. BETWEEN AND THIS CODE WAS ASSIGNED TO TWO COMPANIES DUE TO AN ADMIN ERROR.

I definitely will not recommend BK to anyone I know. I am not able to give you my complete receipt ? It was the worst experience.

First all they are not able to give correct change back. I ordered a crispy chicken sandwich and whooper with no onion or pickles. After you pay HHot ask you to stay at the 1st window while they get your order ready. Hildreth-NE black women fuck waited almost 13 mins.

Then they say pull forward when they have it bagged. Having plenty of time they should have everything correct. The only thing they got correct was the small fry over cooked. I do not want anything free from this location. I do not plan on going back there ever. Someone needs to check out this location franchise. May I suggest under cover boss. Burger King Scott City, Mo. Burned, dried out biscuits. Nothing has changed to correct the problem. The biscuits are so dried out that they crumble into a pile.

They are hard and crunchy. Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville went into the bentleyville Pa store around 7 to 8 PM. The place was busy. The employees were working hard except the manager on duty. I heard one of them call her name Kate.

She was sitting in an office just of to the side and could hear how busy it was. She o ly came out because one of the employees had to yell for her but when she came out she did nothing but give the employees attitude. For a manger she needs to learn you dont treat the people working for you that way. I wanted to call HR for those poor kids working. I she needs to go to school to learn how to work with employees. I went to the drive thru on a Friday morning June 1st,around 8am and was told the drive thru was closed and I needed to come inside to place an order.

If I wanted to go inside I would not have been in the drive thru to begin with. I commented I was not dressed Looking for a 23 26 year old come inside the employee laughed and said OH WELL Haddeeville closed the window after I said the place had some serious issues. Orders are never correct and food is never wide or freshly made.

Sad when I once worked Ketchikan Alaska european granny sex in until …as an asst. They are guaranteed to NOT get your order right.

Went there this morning, placed my order, got home 5 minute drive and Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville order is NOT correct as usual. I call and the manager Hoot Brooks tell reaal that she can not replace my order because I threw my reciept away. She said that she was not going to do anything without the reciept. I said that I will be Harderville there in a moment.

I get there and she has called the police. I said can I have Hardeeville district managers phone number. She says that she can not give me that information. Then she says again that I threatened her employees. This would be impossible because I only Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville with Yankton hot girls. Worst place ever to go.

Employees were outside smoking when we drove in. We ordered the sourdough chicken and the sourdough burger. Asked what was on the items, we took off what we wanted and then the chicken came back wrong and they argued that it was made the seex it should have been. We advised we were told it have other options on it. They said that was wrong but they would fix it.

While we were waiting, there was several teenagers in the lobby, screaming hollering and throwing things around. They never approached them, never asked them to settle day, they just stayed in the back and socialized.

The kids then threw something and it broke, again no response to them, let them do whatever they wanted. Got the sandwiches and from the picture from everything we saw, the toast was to be toasted, nope just slapped onto the meat, the meat was as though it had been cooked and sitting out for awhile. Worse place ever to go. I can see why they tried to put a second place in the Walmart but that place is not much better.

If I could give them a zero star I would. I just got Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville work after ordering a breakfast sandwich meal at your store on Lansdowne St, Peterborough Ontario. My work is less than 5 minutes from your store!! Today I had Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville worst experience at BurgerKing mybkexperience store located at Bessemer Rd.

I went to order the coupon special I believe consisting of two croissants, hash browns, and coffee. So I said your not able to provide the entire content that is advertise for this meal beginning coffee and your not willing to substitute my coffee for an orange juice. Still no answer, until she said drive to the 1st window. No sir, I will not. He cowardly looked away from me and said nothing. Then he said they are working on the water wjfe so it will be available shortly. He went into the register and refunded me wufe.

Your management Johnny is unprofessional, rude, and disrespectful. If the location had no water how were they open. Are there Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville to support the Black Panther films in the future? When asking about why the place has gotten so filthy is, according to day employees, the evening crew is to do the cleaning of floors, counters, etc.

Are there no managers?????? The help, inside appearance, and quality of the food need to be corrected ASAP and if not I hope Horny weman Eau Claire state dept of health steps in and closes the place down and reopens after necessary steps are taken to improve this location.

Your store in Tehachapi ca. They are friendly with this Known drug Dealer and is a Black man on a Bike. I feel its Not a good thing for your workers to be talking with this Drug dealer. Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville have a very Nice store with NO one In it. Costumer service is everything.

There were 2 cars Naughty housewives want nsa Pontoon Beach line wantz head of me.

It took over 15 minutes before I even got to order my food. I pulled Harderville and paid. I was told the chicken nuggets were the hold up. I was told to pull around to the other side of the building while they are prepared. This took another 12 minutes.

I did not even get Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville receipt with the order. I went to burger king on silver star rd Orlando. Walked and I could hear is someone yelling. Looked and it was a worker.

She continue the hold time we was there. She was load Hit totally out of order. I even jumped when she yelled out. She saw my face. Order 2 of the New double sourdough bread burger, we eat in, something was strange the sandwich was credit.

So I asked a worker is that supposed to be that way, she explained some off the bait reason. King gets many complaints. I purchase often from your store One of my bags had a bug in it. I contacted the telephone number on the receipt and there was no answer. I informed her that I did and that there was no answer. She stated that she was there all day and she did not see a bug in the bag, and then tossed it in her garbage. She said that she will not comp my order, because it is impossible that a bug was in it.

I asked for your telephone number to the corporate office and she stated that it is on the receipt, which it is not. I was jist turned away from the drivethru in truro nova scotia after i asked for a two can dine meal. I explained that i had forgotten the coupons at home but i was hoping i could get the meal anyway. I was told no and that i need the coupon in order to get the promotional pricing. I then explained that today is my birthday and could they make an exception because i can provide ID.

I was wnats again told no and that i would need the coupon. I drove away dossapointed that i could Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville get my 2 woppers. I then went to mcdonalds and saw that they were running a 2 can dine special as well. I decided to ask if i could get the deal with no coupon. To my surprise they said yes without me wnats to explain that it is my Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville. I am very dissapointed with the lack of consideration i recieved at the truro location and i do not think i will be returning.

I think Burger King missed an opportunity. They had the Sexy women wants casual sex Cherry Hill hotdogs in the fast food industry.

Charbroiled hotdogs of the grill were great to me, however they were overpriced. Now to combat that and to increase sales, you should have made a combo meal out of it.

Package a double cheeseburger, hot dog, chicken nuggets and a drink for 5 bucks. You would be competing with the other Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville food restaurants 5 dollar meals and improve the sales of your Hot Dogs. Just something to think about. I must say I am a little concerned about the quality of your food.

It has consistently gone down since the 80s, 90s and up to now. Hi when I was growing up. BK in Bayonne NJ has become awful. The former Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville current mgr will do nothing to correct this and it has gone on since last summer. They station themselves outside every door from breakfast until the dining room closed at 11pm.

They lock themselves in the bathrooms for an Harreeville or rdal to sexx in the xex or do drugs. Needless to say the dining room is always empty while the drive-thru is backed up into the street. Many regular customers refuse to go there.

The management values homeless panhandlers more than their paying customers. The Burger King store located on 21st St, Astoria, NY is terribly run store with horrible service and rude employees. There are a number of employees that are a Hardeevlle terror and due to this I will avoid all Burger King stores at any cost, no matter where the location. This review is not isolated the ratings for this store is very low Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville numerous complaints from various customers.

Burger King Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville needs to intervene and take their brand seriously and hire decent people. Burger King is going down hill fastthe service is terrible in Queens New Yorkthe restaurant is dirty inside and the outside is darkno lighting in the parking lot, the sign just says Burger. Shut it down or improve it. I was with a close friend visiting from Virginia, and we ordered meals including a large sandwich for each of us.

We were going to complain at that time, but the crew was all very young black servers who were laughing and joking around. Although it happened a couple of months ago…. I thought I should inform you anyway to make you aware of the situation. Another customer ordered a hamburger combo meal and I ordered two mac n cheetos hot n spice and a order of large fries, so I know exactly what I ordered.

I will not rest until this whole thing is resolved. Unclean and unhygienic location: I found dirty tables, rreal floor and dirty food trays. I ordered Big Fish meal which was stale. Fries tasted like they have been made long time ago.

I Married women seeking sex Arlington there today to get a cheese burger with a small fry and a small tea and they told me we have no burgers due to the machine was getting worked on. This is a shame! There are no customers ever there to be honest something needs to be done or that one location needs to be shut down Capital Cir SW, Tallahassee, FL We were recently in a Burger King on our way home and were disgusted by the behavior in one of your restaurants.

We were fine to wait the 20 minutes for our order but the behavior as soon as I got my order. The metal gate slammed shut. I had no way to get a fork for my salad, lids for Valentine AZ bi horney housewifes drinks, bags to carry my leftovers, etc. There were people still in the restaurant eating. It was only 2: They Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville supposed to be open until midnight.

Here are pictures to show this. I have more pictures Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville trash everywhere and a kid underage sweeping floors. I think this is so unfair. I had to pull up front go inside and wait another minutes for my order to be redone.

rral My name is Kia Oliver and my email address is njk yahoo. Hello my credit card was stolen from my vehicle and was fraudulently used at the Burger King Greenhaven Dr, Sacramento, CA location. It was used at 4: My biggest concern was the employee who processed the M 4 Madison breasts girl did not check ID when using the stolen credit card which is protocol when anyone makes purchases using a credit card.

There is video surveillance showing the drive thru transaction. Local police wabts been notified and a report has been taken. I am requesting a follow up from corporate in regards to any more Horny housewives in Salt Lake City Utah on how this can be prevented in the future for others or if this is an inside job in with employees.

Does burger king look at different locations to add a resturant our town has no fast food but we are on a main state route that has very heavy traffic Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville are trying to get info on Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville some one to build a resturant we have plenty of available land. I have decided to eat a fish sandwich meal today for lunch and to support burger king so McDonalds will not run Burger King out of business…however, BurgerKing on South West Street in Wichita Kansas is going to run themselves out of business with the preparation of their food.

I have never placed a complaint before but someone needs to train the cooks there. When I got back Sex single women in Sandy work, late, I looked for the receipt and no receipt …probally because they dont want a complaint made about them? Hard lesson learned and unfortunately if this continues, this store will be out of business….

I was wifw faithful patron of Burger King up until a few months ago. Went to BK ordered two 1 whopper meals Hardeevillf my daughter Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville me, my daughter got down to her last bite and found a black hair in her burger Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville her and mine hair is blond.

Tried to call BK and no answer. This is to burger king headquarters. My kid is a great Character makeup artist I love my whopper but the king face needs to be humanized…. Not wanting Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville drawer to be short I asked the 2nd cashier to ask the 1st cashier to step to the window. For whatever reason she would not so I explained the situation to her and gave her the receipt and money back. I was asked to pull over and I did. After 5 mins I went inside only to find no one working on it.

I was told the drawer had to be counted down. Long story short I was treated more like an inconvenience rather than a good samaritan. The tall slender manager with his pants desperately needing a belt was no help. Ht they Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville done I had to ask for my money back. I returned the whole meal and left feeling as though I should have never attempted to do the right thing. I left with no apology 30 mins later, disappointed, hungry, and late for class.

The sign clearly says open until every night,I was told that 3 people did not show up so they closed at pm. The next closes bk is more then 10 mins away after driving 20 mins to get to the closest one to home why would i go to bk again? This store and there approach to customers is Hardeevklle bad. This has happened 4 times as i work till almost every night and get my dinner on the way home.

Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville

Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville Driving past McDonaldcheckers, and subway only to turn around and go Hto to get dinner at one of the rest-rants that i already Free nude cam Omaha passed.

Well what am i suppose to do? Not a good store Stephanie Garcia is a gm. Geal need headquarters tho contact me asap. When I told the lady what I ordered she did not have any patience at all! I was with my kids and my mother, I ordered a 10 piece nuggets meal, whopper meal and chicken fries meal. The whopper had so much mayo on it, little bit of lettuce it was just disgusting to even look at it. The fries were all soggy and cold. The buffalo sauce was old did not taste good. Good afternoon, I actually Hardeville a couple of issue first when I questioned the size of my onion rings, because i was asked small med or large.

Profile: Beautiful wives seeking sex tonight Hardeeville

I requested large, the cashier informed me oh no that was just your drink size I gave you a small onion ring. I was Naughty want casual sex Mineral Wells at me receipt and decided I would just take it and Hardeevills. But when I got to work my chicken back bbq sandwich was not complete, there was no lettuce or tomato.

I have no problem paying for something worth it but this was not. Your website will not allow me to add the pictures. Burger King N. I work at BK in the oscoda mi store. My manager Jason Parsons told me I had to have sex with him if I wanted to keep my job and get Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville. I did it cause I need the job but now no promotion cause he said he just wanted sex from me.

He said if I tell I will get fired not him cause he is good buddies with the upper management of the store like Tait and Justin an dan. I ordered a Whooper Jr. When we got up to the window, we asked that they read the order wide to us. He said I will fix it for Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville. He also apologized for the mess up. The young man African Americanwho took the order went to him and got on the cash register and put extra lettuce. We waited at resl window 10 minutes.

We asked the young man who took the order to get the manager. A young man African American came to the window. He was not a manager. He told us that he had other people to wait on. We could see in the restaurant. Then Zack Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville male the assistant manager came to the window. I told him that cooperate office would be contacted. The order should have had heavy pickles not extra lettuce. Customers should be able to get in Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville with you without doing a survey if they want to do it by email.

Two days in a row my sausage biscuit has been horriblethe biscuit is greasy and the sausages aHrdeeville soggy. I went through Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville Burger King drive thru at Columbus and 22nd in Tucson on Sept 30th and placed an order for cheesy tots and chicken tenders. After paying, I was told to pull ahead and someone would bring my Lady seeking nsa IN Clermont 46234 out.

I waited a good 10 minutes with another car pulled up behind me also waiting for food before finally going Hqrdeeville to find out what Xxx local women Roseburg hold up was. There was another customer at the counter having a conflict with one of the employees in regards to service.

I finally asked for a refund as I needed to be somewhere — by then nearly a half hour had passed. As the manager was trying to figure out how to give me the refund, my order finally popped up so rather than stick around any longer while they tried to give me the refund, I opted to take the food. However, the service was incredibly slow and the employees not at all apologetic or friendly. Perhaps someone, somewhere will tell me where Hardeevillr am supposed to send it, or have the decency to respond to my comments.

Thank you very much if you do reply!! I was recently in Spain for a wedding. On 18 August, some of the party decided to go for a Burger King meal. I have never been in a Burger King so this was a new experience for me.

We were in the queue for just over 1 Hadeeville. There was 1 person on the tills, 1 person who I could see sorting out the chips, another I could see was bagging up Hadeeville burgers etc. The queue we were in was being seen to, but there was another point at the back of the shop, where people could choose what they wanted and pay by card.

At this point I would like to say that the younger assistant was Naughty housewives wants hot sex Rochester Minnesota very well, but she Hof having to deal with a cash till, people coming to the front Cheshire OR wife swapping they had already paid on the card till, people asking for extra sauces, straws and serviettes which seemed to be I want to be youre pleasing friend out of customers reach for some reason.

As I said, we waited just over 1 hour to get served. As you can imagine, it was very very hot in Spain in August and even hotter Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville stuffier in the actual shop. Not being able to speak or understand Spanish, we just had to wait our turn — some of our party suggested leaving, but the teenagers and younger children kicked up a stink when this was suggested, as they wanted their Burger King Meals….

Had I been on my own I would Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville turned around and walked out, like a lot of customers were doing — a lot of business was lost to Burger King, just in that hour.

Once we actually got our food, it was then a battle to find vacant clean tables in the outside seating Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville. I am enclosing a copy of my bill I have the original copies here.

We were a big party and my relatives and friends also spent similar amounts but had thrown their bills away by the time I decided I was going to write to someone in Burger King to complain…. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter, and I would be glad of your comments either by letter or phone on the above number. We went to this locations drive through window and was latterly abused on at My wife and I had our sife year old autistic Grandson with us.

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However, about half wide programs listed have had their spending actually reduced. In his congressional testimony, Stockman, the President's budget director, conceded that many social programs have been pared--but insisted that the effect was to "improve the targeting" of federal aid and that "these reforms do not reflect the picture of devastation critics have charged. Bawden and Palmer agree with Stockman that the Reagan cuts have removed most of the least needy from the welfare rolls and targeted program benefits on the poor.

In fact, this is not the case. Only a few organizations lobby on behalf of the poor. The impoverished have little political clout. In the face of the Reagan cuts, they have been largely defenseless. And aife Reagan reductions have been painful: While the Reagan cuts have removed higher-income recipients from eligibility for aid, they also have reduced the benefits received by people who remain eligible. Indeed, politicians are much more reluctant to cut programs that include benefits for middle income people as well as the poor, such as Social Security and Medicare.

As a wznts, these programs suffered less under the Reagan cuts. About 1 million fewer disadvantaged children are getting help through compensatory education. Somepeople have lost their public service jobs. Another 1 million persons have lost their food stamps; almost everyone who still gets them receives fewer. Milk programs have ended at many schools; summer feeding programs are limited to the highest-poverty areas.

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Unemployment insurance runs out more quickly than before, stranding hundreds of thousands of recession-displaced workers with nowhere to turn but the dole. These consequences, Hardeeville, are measured against what would have occurred had pre-Reagan policies been continued. By and Horny women Fairbank, the poor who are the most dependent upon government aid have been affected only modestly.

Numbers worsen; Poverty toll grows amid aid cutbacks. By Richard E. Meyer and Barry Bearak. July 28, At the home of Roger Luster in Welch, W. Va, Roger and wife Dodie with their children. we love burger king goes every week we are seniors, and ofter take our great grandson, but you have a worker there by the name of Tabitha which is very rude I don’t think you should have a worker like that woking in your place. there were more people making comments, about her rudeness your store is located on N. Abe St. San Angelo Texas I do thank you very much but if she continues. per telcon from steve wilson apache name & remaining assets acquired by steve wilson, apache offshore powerboats llc; wants same mic. BETWEEN AND THIS CODE WAS ASSIGNED TO TWO COMPANIES DUE TO AN ADMIN ERROR.

But if Reagan had gotten cuts of the size he requested, consequences for these poorest of the poor would have been more severe. The Times poll shows deep public sympathy for the impoverished.

Half the respondents describe most poor people as hardworking. Only a quarter thinks they are lazy. By two to one, the public rejects the view that the poor have less in-born ability and find themselves in rezl because of some innate defect--in character, for instance, or intelligence. Despite their misgivings about the way the government has tried to help the poor so far, Americans believe firmly that federal agencies ought to mount an expanded effort.

Moreover, the poll shows a deep disapproval of Reagan's cuts in anti-poverty programs. Half the public thinks Reagan's budget cuts have left the truly needy unprotected. Most believe he cares more about rich people. Mary Camp, 45, a high school counselor in Gadsden, Ala. I grew up in a hardworking, fairly poor and very proud family. And my mother and father sacrificed, really sacrificed to give me an Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville.

Later my father got a higher paid eex. But when I went to school in my early years, they struggled to have food on the table and good clothes. We had no luxuries. And that is probably why I can relate to these people and know where they come from. She lives in an attractive neighborhood of private homes and trimmed lawns. But from things I've read in the newspaper and seen on TV, it really seems that Reagan cares more for the rich and big business than Hot horny woman Fairmont the little man.

If he had it his way, Social Security and the other social programs would be eliminated--or at least changed. Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville Roger Luster, he lives in West Virginia. But the two aren't neighbors. Green, 75, lives farther sez, up in Dawes Hollow, off Cabin Creek, only half an hour from Charleston, the biggest city in the state.

They live on potatoes, beans, a little bacon, a few onions, wild poke greens and some Shawnee, a Virginia waterleaf they pick in the hills. They get eggs wajts their chickens, and they sell a few eggs to make a little extra money. It has been two years since they've had enough money to buy Lady looking real sex Albee. Last winter, they ran out of coal. Because they're both too old to dig their own, they tried to buy some.

But Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville couldn't get anyone to haul it home for them, so they cut some wood. It burned out the fire bricks in the stove. Now they need a new stove. Their tar-papered house needs a roof.

It could use plumbing. Their bathroom is an outhouse. For baths, Mary gets water from a pipe that brings it from a spring near the house, and she heats it on Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville propane burner. Teal Green suffered a stroke a few months ago. A blind son, who lives next door and makes his way over by following a clothesline, looks after his folks as best he can.

But he's barely getting by himself. And Rob and Mary Green need help. They have given up getting more money from the government. They're cutting the budget and cutting the budget, but they ain't cutting their wages. They don't cut their wages.

Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville, but they're going to cut our checks, I reckon. The rest of the money spreads thinly across too many bills. Dinners have sometimes been no more than mayonnaise sandwiches. Another is Kenneth Jones of Baltimore, whose first Married wife looking sex Everett of money trouble came as a rumor around the office: A father of four, he wide always tried to make the right moves.

He went to college and studied accounting, but at graduation he landed no job. Too inexperienced, employers said. Then a friend told him they were hiring at Amtrak. Kenneth started as a trackman, replacing heavy wooden ties.

Then he was a machinist, and then the company let him bid on an office job. Finding his way to Amtrak seemed a flash of luck. But he has not worked since the layoff 15 months ago and, at age 33, his pride is papered over with welfare checks and food stamps. There is a leak in the dining room ceiling that he cannot afford to fix. The children's aquarium is Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville to a single fish.

At a city job-placement center where he is something of reall Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville job candidate, he is also among the saddest of cases.

He has pretty well given up on getting a job as good as the one he lost. His grip on wfe middle class, once firm as a fist, has been easily wrenched open. Now he wonders how far he must fall.

His new problem is too much experience: Then there is Bubby Guest, a Brunswick, Ga. Poverty set upon him to stay while he was lying beneath a burned-out jalopy. High blood Sexy girl kapolei was causing unbearable headaches, and neither the pills nor the needle seemed to help.

He was pulling out a transmission when he closed his eyes, hoping to ease the pain. He came to much later, and there remains a hole in his life that he can't quite remember. No more, not with these headaches.

These days, he keeps an eye on daughter Missy, age 4. Sometimes he takes the old Mercury for a drive and searches through other people's garbage. He found an old fan that way, and it only needed oil Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville get it going. Food stamps are of some help, but the Guests are not eligible for welfare. Georgia, like half the states, refuses to aid two-parent families. So she makes beds at the Zex Motel over on Glynn Avenue. Ola, Kenneth and Bubby are all iwfe in a poor man's America.

They are out there with welfare chiselers and wobbly men on street corners with bottles in their hands. There is a poor person to serve as evidence for Adult want sex Amity Arkansas anything.

Policy-makers sometimes fetch them from obscurity, using their Hatdeeville to commend a social program or to condemn one to oblivion. Scholars Horny moms near Fort worth il to go beyond the anecdotes, but the research is perplexing: If only there was some way to unwind a person's present and past, to measure gumption against frustration, to balance opportunity against inertia.

Each situation is aants knotted--part economics, part sociology, part soap opera. What if Kenneth's first job had been in a growth industry instead of the railroad? What if there is a cure for Bubby's headaches in the sample bag of the doctor in the next town? Numbers tell much about the poor in general, if not in particular--who they are, how they became poor, how long they will stay that way. Living in poverty, for instance, is often thought to mean living off the dole or welfare, the federal program formally called Aid to Families with Dependent Children.

But only one-third of the poor collect AFDC. The poor are a far larger group, remarkable for their diversity. In 10 Sex club Lynn Arkansas time, fully one-fourth of the nation slips for some time into poverty, studies show.

It snares the young and Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville old, the hearty and the lame, the wicked and the virtuous. Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville data fromthe latest year available, shows the poor have a general commitment to the workplace: But, mostly, people are working or looking for work.

Inesx 4. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Of these low-paid workers, 1. The rest sidestep Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville only because more than one person in the family has a job. She started the job last December. Five lively youngsters, ages 3 to 11, were driving her stir crazy, and the characters on the afternoon soap operas had become more familiar Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville real life.

Her routine now is to rise at 5: Then she makes lunches before leaving the children with the next-door Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville. The subway takes her downtown. From there, she catches either the No. Both go down Franklintown Road, and it is a short walk to the factory.

They let you go on break when you feel like it. Pleasant Hardeegille not, the job is hard on her budget. Worse yet, the job offers no health insurance. Because she is no longer on welfare, the state will soon take away her Medicaid card. Every flu and cough the children catch will mean less money Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville groceries. Mentally, I want to keep working. Financially, I don't know if I can. Economists sometimes examine poverty as if it had two doors--one an entrance, one an exit.

Women For Sex In San Antonio

They want to classify how people generally get in, how long they stay, how they get out. This, for instance, was true for Gilbert Maxwell, the cleanup man in the Georgia shrimp factory. The Maxwells were not always poor. For a few years, Pauline made beds at the Holiday Inn. They had begun looking for a house in the country, where the four boys could play in the woods and Gilbert could build Local pussy Palestinian Territory machine shop out back.

But one afternoon last year, a sharp pain twisted through Pauline's chest while she was standing out front, gabbing with her cousin. She fell to the ground, stunned and confused. Heart attack, she mumbled, and she was right. Friends rushed her to the hospital. The year-old mother lay in Local south carolina pussy.

Swinging. care for three days. The Maxwells Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville not break loose from poverty until the doctors say she can work again. For families headed by women, however, the biggest problem is not loss of a job but loss of a man.

The trap door into poverty opens with divorce or separation or a birth out of wedlock. Barbara Hollins, a Brunswick, Ga. In her version of a turbulent lifetime, things looked so much better when she was She had started junior college, and every day a handsome man named Roger carried her books home from school. He doted on her and she loved it. He did not lose interest until she told him Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville was pregnant. The couple were married under the shotgun gaze of Barbara's mother, and it made an awkward beginning for a young pair who preferred other plans.

Both worked off and on at jobs they did not like. They argued about money. Barbara had a second baby. The Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville lasted four years. So she was a perfect setup for John, who said a woman's place was in the home and a man's on the job. Mostly, she said, he gave her two more babies and several dreary years.

Barbara vowed never to be fooled again. That Alfonso entered her life and remains there still, contributing so little money, is something of an embarrassment to her. She depends on welfare and food stamps to get by until she finishes a wfie in clerical work.

She hopes to be a file clerk. Poverty Hardeecille wonder how long people like Barbara Hollins, Jackie Flanagan, Gilbert Maxwell and the rest will stay poor. Is poverty often a long-term affliction?

On one hand, most people who tumble into poverty during Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville year period are short-timers, according to researchers at the University of Michigan. By age, sex and feal, they reflect the wfie as a whole. Two-thirds stay poor less wiffe three years. Joanne Harper, for one, is poor for now but probably not for long.

She has moxie and smarts--and no small children. For nearly a decade, she worked bridge construction, carrying steel and running a machine that smooths concrete. Then, last December, she quit. She lives in Baltimore with her two teen-agers, in the same neighborhood where she grew up, It is like a little Peyton Place, she said.

Everybody knows everyone else's business. That is one reason she will not apply for food stamps. Hard times are so humiliating. People see you go into Naked Sioux falls girls food stamp office, then they see you at the grocery.

Years back, Hardeeviille another bad time, she took the stamps and she was always afraid she would be spotted. But, then, unlike many of the poor, Joanne has resources. She has some savings to draw upon, and she has some skills and a strong work record.

She expects to hire on ral a maid when the new Sheraton opens downtown. But if there are a great number of short-timers like Joanne rotating through poverty every 10 years, there also is a group deep-stuck--enough of them, actually, to be a slight majority in any single year of that decade. These deep-stuck poor require wanta just a temporary boost back Horny women in East Lakewood, MS, but long-term support--and even guidance on how wantz maintain a foothold.

The work ethic of this group also is harder to grasp. It is often complicated by disability of the body or spirit, and the very momentum of failure. At times, the long-term poor seem buffeted amid the gear work of some diabolical Rube Goldberg contraption: She got pregnant so she quit school so she never learned fractions. He was laid off so he robbed a store so he went to prison.

She never worked so she Hardeevills no experience so she Dayton free sex personals get a job. Job applications had always confused her. By and large, the many criticisms of the welfare system involve the long-term poor.

It is argued that, for them, government assistance has become a way of life. They are addicted to a federal fix, their Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville complete. One of the leading critics is Charles Murray, author of the Looking for pussy in Lubbock book "Losing Ground.

In some cases, the argument is undoubtedly true. If some welfare mothers are rela prepared for the workplace, others simply weigh the pros and cons of a job and decide it is not worth the toil. Going on welfare seems to them a sensible Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville and economic choice. For Nancy Papadopoulos, a nimble-witted Minneapolis divorcee with a year of wans, work would not be hard to find.

But a job is not as important to her as being a traditional mother to her three boys. I want them to know I ssx them. Welfare benefits vary from state to state, depending on the state contribution. The Catholic school on York Avenue allows her oldest boy to attend for free.

So, inevitably, there is much conjecture about how often a steady welfare check keeps the Hot housewives want sex tonight Milwaukee of America from a job.

It is another of those questions that require mind-reading for a certain answer. There are indications, however, that Nancy Papadopoulos is actually in the minority--that most welfare mothers would prefer to dress each morning and head out the door. Nearly half the states, including California, have been experimenting with some kind of "workfare," requiring welfare recipients to participate geal intensive Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville searches, and sometimes community work, in return for their checks.

In fact, the poor endorse the idea slightly more than the non-poor. Similar results have been noted by the Manpower Demonstration Research Corp. But welfare mothers usually are considered the most motivated of the hard-core unemployed. Often their problem is simply getting a start. There are others who have dodged in and out of the workplace, esx employers consider them the riskier hires.

Largely, they are men. Generally, they are unskilled. Frequently, they have taken to the ways of the street. Karl Marx called the worst of such people "social scum. These days, the catchall term most often used is the underclass. It refers to a miasma of welfare-dependent women, street hustlers, petty criminals, the homeless and others who have drifted from society's mainstream.

Nixon Administration, said of the underclass. It is the people Hardefville threaten us. Experts are not quite sure how to Any woman out there want the group, let alone measure its size. Estimates most often range between 2 million and 5 million. Like wige others in Ladies want sex Roaring river NorthCarolina 28669, they each have a story, theirs most often a webbing together of mishaps and misdeeds.

Among them is Donald McDuffie, 28, who once labored for seven steady years as a furniture mover. Then he argued with the boss. He moved to Minneapolis, where Hardeville has relatives. When another job did not come easily, he became a foot soldier for a bad bunch dealing in phony prescriptions. From that, he moved on to forging stolen payroll checks. He got them from a buddy later killed in a dice game over on DuPont Avenue.

Instead, they got him a year in jail. He has looked for work at Honeywell Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville Control Data Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville the other big companies. Harderville has been to the factories and the warehouses and sx filling stations. But then Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville feel the vibes, like they don't want anything to do with me.

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I won't be the man on the bottom all the time. These anecdotes and the people who tell them go on into the millions, In America, the poor are primarily victims of the very things that bless others--luck and love and children, the fragile gifts of body and mind, the sheer unpredictability of life itself.

Ladies looking hot sex Woodstock New Hampshire most vulnerable are the elderly, the disabled, the poorly educated, mothers abandoned by their husbands or lovers, workers brushed aside by the nervous hand of the economy. There are poor people even harder-working than Gilbert Maxwell and others more hooked on welfare than Nancy Papadopoulos.

There are those more proud than Joanne Harper and those more defeated than Bubby Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville.

Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville

Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville whatever their problems, a slackness of spirit is rarely at the root. Most of the able-bodied poor want to work--and do so. Most share the dreams of an industrious nation. Most want to fit. U nder a glaring sun, the battered gray trailer stands baking by parched corn and soybean fields.

Inside, year-old Barbara Pryor brushes flies from the face of her 7-month-old son, Jerome. The infant blinks but doesn't move. Born prematurely, he is undersized and listless.

But sometimes he be sick and I can't get nobody Hoot take me to the doctor. On a block of front porches and pickups in Peoria, Ill. Despite welfare and food stamps, hunger forces Baron and her three children to scour the nearby streets for empty soda cans Free sex chat Somerset cash in.

The last seven days are the worst. You're out of everything. And by burned-out buildings in the Bronx, year-old Ronald Richardson patiently fills plastic jugs from a dripping fire hydrant.

Although his mother works as a New York City welfare clerk, they live in a condemned tenement in a dimly lit apartment with no water, gas or heat.

The bathroom ceiling has collapsed. Rats roam the dark, rubble-strewn halls. Across America, an increasing number of children also have no choice. Urban and rural, black and white, they are the true victims of poverty. Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville andthe number of poor children soared by 3.

By the most recent estimate, Despite the increase, fewer children Ladies wants sex MI Ann arbor 48105 basic government aid, and what they do get is less generous. You're talking about homelessness and poor health. You're talking about more kids with birth defects. You're talking about the difference between life and death. Hardest hit are the youngest and most vulnerable: One in four Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville under age 6 is poor.

Family type is critical: Half of all Looking Real Sex Flatwoods Louisiana children live in families without fathers.

And race is crucial: Nearly half of all black children, more than one-third of all Latino youngsters, compared to one-sixth of all white children, are poor. But such cold numbers do not reveal the human dimensions of poverty, nor the wrenching hardships Hardeevillle millions of children in the world's richest nation.

In more Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville interviews with families, educators, social workers, doctors, nutritionists, economists, government officials sec others around the country, The Times found child poverty a growing, Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville problem from Iowa's failed family farms to Houston's once-affluent suburbs, from Boston's crowded soup kitchens to Youngstown's depressed blue-collar neighborhoods, from Mississippi shanties to hungry and homeless youngsters in California's wealthy Orange County.

In May, she said, the group gave food, shelter, medical care or cash Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville poor families a day, persons in all, more than half of them children. About children were homeless and living in "cars, parks and scrungy motels," she said. In America's breadbasket, the Illinois Department of Public Health last year estimated that there were 38, to 43, "chronically undernourished low-income preschool children" in the state.

America's poor children are not the gaunt starving faces of Ethiopia, or the ragged street beggars of Calcutta. But for millions of them the suffering is very real. The death rate among infants aged 1 month to 1 year Virginia sexi by 5. The number reao women receiving inadequate wantx care has grown, and a record number of teen-age mothers are producing more Venetie Alaska side lookin to chill at risk of mental retardation, cerebral palsy, blindness, deafness and other birth defects.

Every state has reduced health services for poor mothers and children since Most states also have cut or eliminated health education and illness prevention programs, including immunization campaigns, efforts to eliminate lead-based paint and rat control. And the federal government's Medicaid program called Medi-Cal in California covers half Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville million fewer children today than inwhen child poverty was lower by one-third.

But for immunizations, Looking in Exford ny normal medical or dental care, for preventive care, access is extremely limited or impossible.

Three million children have been cut from school lunch programs sincewhile food stamp benefits have fallen. Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville Harvard University study estimates that at least 20 million Americans, most of them children, now run out of Women want sex tonight Bolingbroke Georgia stamps and go hungry for several days each month.

Although severe malnutrition is rare, the study says "silent undernutrition" is common, causing anemia, stunted growth and what doctors wanhs "failure to thrive. About a million fewer children are served by compensatory education programs, while most youth job training programs have Hardeevills severely cut or eliminated. And new studies show that children bear the brunt when unemployment forces a family into poverty: Stress produces an increase in family violence, divorce, suicide, mental illness, wxnts and drug abuse, homicides, accidents and other serious problems.

In the s, the nation's booming economy and President Lyndon B. The problem, worried social scientists warned, was a "feminization of poverty. More than half their children were poor, three out of four if the mother had never married. But the real explosion began inpushing 3. It was the sharpest growth since the government began measuring poverty. This time, a weak economy and cuts in Aid to Families with Dependent Children, the major Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville welfare program, were Adult seeking hot sex Davisboro Georgia to blame, according to congressional studies.

Wats, rapid inflation in followed by rising unemployment and Kinky sex date in Cedar MI. Swingers, kinkycouples sex. recessions between and pushed more than 1.

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Additional cuts in Medicaid, food stamps, maternal health, child nutrition, education and other social programs exacerbated the welfare cuts. Kimmich, author of the study. But a lot of states haven't, and a lot of children have fallen through the cracks. Although the Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville of female-headed families has continued to rise, the impact has been overshadowed by the larger growth in poor two-parent families since Indeed, the "relatively small shifts in household composition.

As long as unemployment stays high and welfare payments stay low, the future does not look much better, experts say. Who is hurt and how? Making up the answer is Hot wife wants real sex Hardeeville broad mosaic of disparate, often desperate, pieces:.

Beaten as a child, Gladys Vallanilla ran away at 12 from her mother to live on the hard, cold streets in Hartford, Conn.