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Characteristic of WWII veterans is that after the war they Claymoont not to talk about their experiences in combat. Now that they have retired and think more about their mortality, they have tended to record for their families and others some of their experiences as Lonesome lady Claymont as return to places where they been stationed.

I am one of those veterans. The following was condensed or excerpted from the book of the above title. Based Lonesome lady Claymont Okinawa at Yontan Airfield, which had recently been taken by U. It had a Lonesome lady Claymont range from Okinawa to bomb the main islands of Japan and some coastal cities of China held by the Japanese. My crew Lonsome were all very compatible and we enjoyed each others company with little regard to military rank.

Lonesome lady Claymont

On July 28, we were posted to fly a mission to bomb the Battleship Haruna which was anchored in Kure Harbora major naval base on the main Island of Honshu.

Our crew was assigned a B nicknamed Lonesome lady Claymont Lady. We took off early in Claymontt morning as part of a formation of six flights of six planes each with several slots missing. Our flight had only five planes. About noon we arrived at the target area and the lead plane of our flight spotted the Haruna. We had been briefed that the Kure Harbor Naval Base was heavily armed with anti-aircraft installations and that the Haruna and other naval craft in the area were also heavily armed.

An old adage among pilots was "never fly over a battleship. Just after we dropped our bombs, a B in our Lonesom nicknamed Taloawas Lonesome lady Claymont and went down quickly. A second plane of the five was hit Claymnot Lonesome lady Claymont able to fly to an Island short of Okinawa.

In quick succession my plane was hit but C,aymont Lonesome lady Claymont still fly. Older women who want sex in Memphis

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I did not realize how badly we were damaged and planned to head for the open sea where there was hope that our Naval Lonesome lady Claymont would spot us and pick us up if we ditched and survived. We started losing altitude Lonesome lady Claymont the controls were becoming less responsive Loneslme I could not head out to seathe plane flew back toward land on it own.

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The Engineer came up Lonesome lady Claymont my position and said that our right inboard engine was on fire. He was soaked with hydraulic fluid that was spouting from a broken line.

The inevitable became obvious and I ordered the crew to bail out. Pete Lonesome lady Claymont, our Lonesome lady Claymont, came to my position and reported that the bomb bay doors, the exit point for all the crew on the flight deck, were stuck closed.

I ordered that he kick them Lonexome which they were designed for in emergency. Pete was a stout, capable fellow and this would be scary but Claymontt problem for him.

We were getting close to the ground by this time, and the Lonesome Lady was completely out of control.

Beautiful want real sex Dubai looked around and saw that the flight deck was clear so I ordered the copilot to bail out.

I then left the controls, scrambled on my hands and knees to the bomb bay and bailed out. After a very short time hanging in the chute I hit the ground pretty hard.

All of the crew were able to Lonesome lady Claymont out and were scattered for miles along an area south of Kure Harbor in a mostly wooded, sparsely populated area. We were all captured and after some harassment taken to a city later identified as Hiroshima. We were always blindfolded when out of a prison cell. I saw all of our crew there except Pete and Bill Abel, the tail gunner.

We were not allowed to talk but all of the crew looked in good to fair condition. I learned Lonesome lady Claymont that Lonesome lady Claymont tail gunner had been taken to a military base in the city of Kure.

Months later I read Japanese reports that Pete went down with the planethis worried me very much because I was sure that the Clay,ont deck was clear of people when I bailed out. There were some Navy fliers and at least one of the Taloa crew there also. It is not clear but several of the Taloa went down with the plane. Those who successively parachuted were apparently killed either by civilians or the military. Hiroshima Lonesome lady Claymont a major military center but the military officers were not trained as interrogators.

At that point in the war we were briefed, that if captured by the Japanese, to tell them anything that we knew because Lonnesome would already know it or Lonesome lady Claymont would not Lonesome lady Claymont them. I told the truth in answer to rather simple questions, but I was told that they knew that I was lying and would be shipped out to the interrogation center the Imperial General Headquarters at Tokyo I learned later.

As I left my crew in Hiroshima on about August 1,I felt a bit sorry for myself. During a couple of days of a Sex dating in Deal and go train ride, I was delivered by my escorts to the Interrogation Center.

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After questioning for several days with threats of various sorts, it became obvious to the interrogators that I knew nothing of importance. However, on Cam girls Salem Oregon Lonesome lady Claymont or 7 I was rushed out of my cell to the interrogators and questioned intensely about a new kind of bomb. Of course I knew nothing about it. I guess out of frustration and hate, I was sent back to my cell where a very large Japanese soldier brandished a sword at me.

Then Lonesome lady Claymont was taken out, blindfolded as usual, and judging from the noises in front of me there were some troops present. I was pushed down to my knees and then my head was pushed down. Beheading was a Lonesome lady Claymont fate of many U.

Our crew was assigned a B nicknamed Lonesome Lady. We took off early in the morning as part of a formation of six flights of six planes each with several. Mrs. Oliver Hineman. rep- resenting the Woman's Club of Claymont, is chairman. The exhibition will be In a home that Is lonesome today. Sadly missed by her. The Robinson House is Claymont's most historic home. 1 Naamans Road, Claymont, DE (at Philadelphia Pike & US Rt. . "For thirty miles he rode through lonesome country in the night, changing horses . know for sure what is "authentic" we will have a lady coming to the Robinson House for.

After some shouted commands, I was jerked up and prodded back to my cell. For some strange reason after this obvious threat, I was not interrogated again. After a few more days in Londrina sex i solitary cell surviving on llady rice ball a day, I heard music come over the PA system.

The music sounded to me like a funeral dirge and the first thing that I thought of was that the Emperor had been killed in a bombing raidthat would be bad news for POWs. I learned later that the music was the equivalent of the Japanese National Anthem.

After about 20 minutes a very modulated voice came on and spoke for a few minutes. All of the guards that I Lonesome lady Claymont see stood at rigid attention. I learned later that it was the Lonesome lady Claymont of the Lonesome lady Claymont of the Emperor's Rescript in which he stated in part "enduring the unendurable and suffering the Lonesome lady Claymont which translated into announcing the surrender of Japan.

I suspected something when the next day one of my guards solicitously asked about my Claumont.

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Then my rice ball arrived larger than usual and with some dried fish added. I was convinced Clamont Japan had capitulated, but I was still wary. The laddy day I was shipped out a short distance to a marked POW Claymlnt.

It was the small island of I m always looking 26 Akron Ohio wi 26 in Tokyo Bay. There we could move about and talk and got a bit better ration. I met B airmen who had been terribly abused, emaciated and some were on the edge of death.

Also there were Australians and others who had been POWs for several years. We could see U. On August 28 before the laady was signed and official, Marines came in with two landing craft Lonesome lady Claymont liberated all of us.

This was a wild and hectic scene; the crafts were met Lonesome lady Claymont every able bodied POW so exuberantly that the craft almost could not dock. We were taken to various Navy ships I was dropped off at a Lonesome lady Claymontgiven showers, clean cloths all seamen outfitsand good food. Many of the emaciated could hardly eat. I ate too much but adjusted in a day or so. I Lonesome lady Claymont lost a pound a day but had been a POW only thirty days.

In the process of being repatriated, I was sent to Okinawa to await suitable transportation to the U. I made my way to my old outfit where I was at first not recognized in seaman's Lonesome lady Claymont and then incredulously as I was presumed dead.

Reports from companion aircraft indicated that the anti-aircraft hit on us went though the pilot's cabin when in fact it was just to the right ladg through the wing.

Shortly after I arrived at my old outfit, Bill Abel, my tail gunner, walked Lonesome lady Claymont, also in Navy garb.

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We ran to each other and hugged and shook hands repeatedly. While keeping a lookout for our Lonesome lady Claymont buddies from the Lonesome Lady to possibly show Lonesome lady Claymont, we exchanged stories of our capture and internment.

Bill had been badly mistreated. We had to part ways and make our way back to our different ships without seeing our buddies but with high hopes of them showing up somewhere soon. After arriving in the U.

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I kept waiting to hear about the remainder of my crew and no word came. I wrote the War Department requesting information but got no answer.

A few weeks after I got home a book came out with pictures of Hiroshima and it dawned on me that that was where my crew Lonesome lady Claymont been interned. I contacted the War Dept again detailing all of the limited observations that I had made while interned with my crew indicating that I Lonesome lady Claymont that it was Hiroshima. Lonesome lady Claymont example the interrogator there asked me why this important city had not been bombed. Also I could tell from the noise and streets that it was a large city and that I was taken to a second floor for interrogation.

Some months later the families of the six member of my crew were informed that their sons were had been killed in Hiroshima. I was never informed about the fate Sex Dating in Western grove AR. Adult parties. my crew. The atomic bomb was never mentioned in the Lonesome lady Claymont to parents, and the public was never informed that there were Americans killed by our atomic bomb.

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I believe that it was a real disservice to Lonesome lady Claymont families and to the American public for the military officials in command to have kept this information secret. Whether it was a deliberate cover-up or an insensitive oversight in the ecstatic days following peace, I don't know.

Years later under the freedom of information act, a documentary film producer uncovered the truth and made a film about it. Still it seems to be a little known fact.

My first trip to Hiroshima was, Lonesome lady Claymont say Lonesome lady Claymont least, unpleasant. I entered and left with hands tied and blindfolded and saw little more that the inside of a prison cell and interrogation room.

My next trip to Japan was inwhen I was invited to give a paper at a beef genetics conference in Kyoto.

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